“The Joke” by Tracie Pascoe-Lark

Love and Heartbreak May 23, 2012 13:30


 Girl walks in to a bar:
Mouldy ceiling, sticky floor
Broken mic, hormones galore
Fluro lights, smoky faces
Man in the corner dealing aces.
The darkness awakens you.
Now they know your name
You’ve played the game
You’ve built a bed in the sticky nest
The sticky mess
They’re barely dressed
Smell the sweat, cloud of smoke
Everyone’s drinking, everyone’s broke.
But in the bar see eye to eye
Nose to nose; they never close,
Husbands away
Wife doesn’t know
Bartenders wink, alco’s drink
Background music
Slow on repeat
Sharing stories
About the loss, about the gain
About that girl, don’t remember her name
Cloud of smoke
Fogs your eyes
Mask the lies
Friends aren’t shy
Lounging in the dim lit corner
Lounging round without borders
Feeling warm, feeling home
The bartender’s friends are those alone
Take comfort in the nest, the sticky chest
Forget the rest.
Sun is rising music has choked
Leave your bill and grab your coat
Hugs to friends; their shift is over
Promise to return and do it all over.
Promise to dance
Promise to sing
Promise to ask how they’ve been
Promise with earnest
Promise for life
Promise the friendship isn’t just scotch on ice.
Bartender tells you your nipple is hanging out.
Girl walks out of a bar.

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