iTell, previously known as PenTales, is a project focused on the power of live storytelling. We host intimate salon nights in cities all over the world where we bring together friends and soon-to-be friends to share tales on topics everyone can relate to.

We believe that by sharing perspectives on the same topics we sometimes learn that while we’re unique, we’re not actually all that different.

iTell is a non-profit-organization based in Munich, Germany. It is managed by a couple of friends who share a passion for storytelling, literature & art:

Philipp Seybold
Georgij Oroschakoff
Pung Manosroi
Koray Altunbas

iTell’s predecessor was called PenTales. The latter was was started 2009 in New York City  by Stephanie Hodges and Saskia Miller, two childhood friends who have always loved to swap stories. Philipp joined PenTales in 2010 and took the lead from Stephanie in 2015. Both agreed that the cause shell live but the old organisation, which had it’s best days before 2013, had to die. In 2016 Philipp asked Georgij, Pung and Koray to join the cause. Together they are building iTell.