“Sonnet of Devotion not Emo-tion” by Jannelle McCoy

Love and Heartbreak August 15, 2011 16:26



I am not scared

of death

old age is what I fear,

that one day I will no longer yearn

for the strokes of your hands

through my hair

or be able to meet your deep gaze

with mine for hours at a time

to not want mold my hand within yours

or feel the warmth of your flesh against mine

on early mornings.

To no longer be enthralled by your full lips,

magnetized to meet them with my own.

To not long to lie my head on your midsection

and look up at you from there.

To walk and be uncompelled to sing your name,

whether or not you are there

but  I feel only when I lose love for life

will i lose love for you;

my missing piece,

lost at creation,

or I am your rib

like eve



I am yours.

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