“Love and Heartbreak” by Waleed Sajid, Lahore

Lahore,Love and Heartbreak August 1, 2011 16:21


as shared at a PenTales event themed “Love and Heartbreak”

His no was like a dagger to her heart

His heart was a cold icy bar

Her heart was shattered into a million pieces

His heart was as if made of tar

Her face had gone crimson red

Her soul had gone very far

She felt distant from the surroundings

Her heart exhibited a scarlet scar

Guilt ,resentment,frustration ,bitterness

She had to gulp down the dark cocktail of emotions


Deep down in herself,there was a commotion

On the floor she looked so pale and prideless

She sat and sobbed for an hour

He looked profane and heartless

He sat there and just lit a cigar

Her fingers’  spaces missed his’

He was content with just the cigar

They had been together for seven years

How could lovers drift apart so far?

The house was quiet,neighbourhood mellow

The entrance door was ajar

He had left ,leaving memories behind

And drove away in his fancy car

Her mind was broken beyond repair

Her soul had gone totally bare

She had to find the remedy herself

Since he was’nt there with the mending gear

Her hands trembled ,she went insane

She was hysteric for an hour

While walking down the memory lane

She was now feeling weirdly bizzare

She came out in the open yard

And looked at the brightest star

It wasn’t as bright as it used to be

And it had gone very far

My advice to all thee

If you love someone,just set him free,let him be

If he comes back,hes yours

If he doesn’t he wasn’t meant to be

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