“”A Farewell Note to my most confusing Love Affair” by Jeanny Gering, Lahore

Lahore,Love and Heartbreak August 1, 2011 16:08


as shared at a PenTales event themed “Love and Heartbreak”

I’m about to leave you.

And it’s breaking my heart. It’s hard to leave, harder than I expected.

Our love affair began when you invited me to come and visit you.

You’ve always been an enchanting character to me, the mysterious type. Of course I had noticed you before, but I would not have thought of approaching you. People even warned me that you were dangerous and I should keep away from you. If anything that just got me curious.

When your unexpected invitation arrived in my mailbox I gave in to temptation and came.

Not for a moment have I regretted my decision! Even though you caused me pain, frustration and disbelief; even though you would make me hopeless and euphoric within the same day, and even though I am exhausted by us!

Above all you managed to grab me at my core, stir my heart and inspire me.

I really fell for you. You are so many things at once and you shared beautiful insights with me. You never missed a chance to impress me and show off how much you’ve got to offer. And you always won me over no matter how critical I had become of you.

At times you made me feel so welcome, I felt your warm embraces as though I had reached a home I had not known before.

I have learnt so much in our time together. You taught me to be ready for the unexpected and enjoy it. You taught me not to worry about time or rules because they work so differently for you.

I will miss your sense of humour and your unpredictable moods, which turned every day into a surprise.

Our love affair was destined to remain filled with questions.  I cannot stay long enough to find all the answers but leaving you is harder than I expected. So I have changed my mind, and won’t say farewell.

Instead – I will see you soon! I will come back to you, Pakistan.


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