“It Hurts to Be Numb” by Maham, Lahore

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as shared at a PenTales event themed “Love and Heartbreak”

PenTales Pick of the Day

By: Tiffany J Colón

“It hurts to be numb” is a piece that speaks to many people at some point or another in their lives.  It is about the instinct
to push people away, so that we need not experience the pain of losing them.  Actually hearing it makes the words more powerful.  It forces us to ask the question, is love worth the pain that may follow it?

Here is the complete text of the poem:


Leave me now, if have to leave me at all

I shall not get used to, your hands that catch my fall!

I’m so tired of the feeling of agony and loss

Be it of innocence, of sanity, of life

Be it of dreams that ceased on their journey

To the realization of concreteness

Be it of hope that faded away in the dark tunnel

Of isolation…

Sometimes, my very existence is my worst humiliation

Don’t get too close, don’t offer yourself to me

Quite disappointment, you might get to see

The anathema of my voodoo morbidity might rub off on you

If I’m a victim of an unnamed feeling, why should you suffer too?

I drive away the people that I want around me

If you just give up and vanish, that won’t astound me

I’m just so scared of loss, there’s probably nothing I wish to gain

There’s anguish in numbness, but feeling gives much more pain!

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