Royal Rules of Engagement by Markus, Paris

Love and Heartbreak,Paris August 24, 2011 07:22


as shared at a PenTales event themed “Royalty”

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    Welcome to Day 3 of GOSSIP Week! I thought of this story as a natural extension of yesterday’s. While gossip, and the perceptions of others is sometimes incidentally informative, gossip can also play a much more powerful and active role in our lives. Markus’ Queen, in his light-hearted and easy to read story, takes gossip to the next level; very Mean Girls. She identifies gossip as a powerful tool and uses it to conceal her own hurt, and eventually even as a weapon against the King. When I think about it, there are people whose jobs are dedicated to starting and guiding the “right” kind of gossip. Have you ever started a rumor on purpose, to make yourself look good or someone else bad? Have you ever made an effort to change the way others perceive you? Why and how did you go about it?