“Looking for a Reason to Get Up” by Dabbs Andersen

BLOG,Gossip August 23, 2011 07:00

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I was sitting in the hot chair of a personnel meeting with my sorority officers defending my good name from being run through the mud by some fellow jealous sisters who had claimed they saw me flash the jazz band and inappropriately kiss my cousin Annie. I was livid and confused these women were seriously accusing me of such lowly, high brow, absurd behavior. 7 years after my freshmen year in college I developed a lost disposal Kodak to discover that the rumors were true.

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  • Suzanna

    Bad ass as always!

  • admin

    Welcome to Day 2 of GOSSIP week! I like Dabbs’ story Day 2 because it flips all of my preconceptions about gossip upside-down in the funniest, endearing way. Also it wins a forehead-slapping, laughter-in-spite-of-one’s self groan that only the best stories and worst jokes can earn. Dabbs reminds us that sometimes others know us even better than we know ourselves; a factoid we will often discover in the most embarrassing way: through word of mouth, and shared perceptions.

    PS. I bet I’m not the only one who can completely sympathize with Dabbs’ experience of righteous, and completely unjustified, indignation?