“Gossip” by Nick Schonberger, NYC

Gossip August 22, 2011 03:24

topic: GOSSIP medium: TEXT

Back in 7th grade, I was walking down the hall one day and heard a younger girl say, “HE IS SO UGLY.” A great blow to the spirit, especially for a young guy on the precipice of puberty.

Several weeks later, I’m sick and a day off is required. It’s a Friday, so naturally illness translates to a long weekend. And, everyone knows what long weekends bring… rumors.

My return to school brings a flurry of inquiries. “Did you make out with her?”, classmates asked. “She said you touched her boobs.” My first thought, “Had she even sprouted breasts yet!?”

It was, really and truly, my first experience of any gossip at all. Not media gossip. Or, political gossip. Unfounded school yard rumor spreading. A ruthless sort of gossip with aims toward social climbing of suggestions of loose behavior. The oddest thing, was being subject of such chatter. Scandalous, no. But, status affirming certainly.

I’d gone from being SO UGLY, with the drop of a line, to becoming an object of sexual interest.

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