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“Love and Heartbreak” Storytelling Event in NYC

“Love and Heartbreak” Storytelling Event in NYC

topic: EVENT medium: PHOTO In February 2010, PenTales Storytellers gathered to share perspectives on “Love and Heartbreak.” Stories included “On First Kisses” by Nick Schonberger, “John Held Margot Close” by Will Carlough, “Let’s Wear Burlap Sacks Forever” by Stephanie Hodges, “Lunch Break” by Mary Kate Burke, “Revisions of a Letter […]

“Crime and Punishment” Storytelling Event in NYC

“Crime and Punishment” Storytelling Event in NYC

topic: EVENT medium: PHOTO In May 2010, PenTales Storytellers gathered in NYC to share perspectives on “Crime and Punishment.” Stories included Toby Miller’s “Night Point.”  

“Take Your Time” a Life Lesson from Meira, NYC

Today’s lesson comes from Meira’s story of love and banana bread. If you’ve ever rushed on to the wrong train or bus, or hurriedly left home without any of the things you need, than you’ve already learned this one the hard way too.

“Don’t Think Too Hard” a Life Lesson from Ben Greenfield, NYC

Ben shares his speculative experience at the Coffee Bean with us, and the allure, and danger, of getting carried away trying to guess at intentions.  

“Honesty is the Best Policy or Don’t Do Drugs” a Life Lesson from Jana, NYC

Jana shares a story about learning how to smell and being honest with our family members, it’s also about getting caught.

“Drawing a Line,” a Life Lesson from Rebecca, NYC

Rebecca tells us how she learned not to overdo it; namely, by overdoing it.

“Stay Positive” a Life Lesson from Desmond, NYC

Desmond shares the every-day secret of success and happines: it’s all about attitude.

Renee Clouden’s Life Lesson “Don’t be Afraid to Ask” NY, NY

Today’s lesson come’s from Renee, a co-worker and optimist; the kind of person who’s always having a great day not just a good one, and who is a pleasure to be around. Renee’s lesson is not to be afraid to ask, and to have an open mind to learning new […]

“You Don’t Always Catch a Shark on Your First Try” A Life Lesson from Sari, NYC

Sari the Shark-Catcher explains that sometimes it takes a few tries before you can earn a preposterously enormous shark…or frog. The more you try, the more you win.