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topic: Monogamy medium: Text By: Sally Jadlow, Overland Park, KS Is more than being married to one man for forty-nine years.   It’s knowing your best friend will be there to listen, comfort, console, right or wrong, good or bad.   It’s knowing he will be there with the broom […]

“Stumble Upon a Leaf” by Maria Arrocha, Panama City

“Stumble Upon a Leaf” by Maria Arrocha, Panama City

topic: NATURE stumble upon a leaf, and its shape and color take me back to my childhood – I am running very fast on my horse, I am 11 years old, small kid finding fun in nature. I remember the green savage fields, filled with technicolor green diversity, huge trees in the […]

“Eleanor of Aquitaine” by Caro and Nick, Paris

LOVE & HEARTBREAK The bright, beautiful duchess of Aquitaine Was married to the king of the Franks, and then They went off to crusade, Coward Louis, dismayed, Was forced to come back to France again The marriage of Ella and Louis, Was annulled due to consanguinity, Protofeminist Ella Simply grabbed […]

“1987-1991 and Walking Down the Street” by Liesl Schillinger, NYC

He’s the big affair I cannot forget. Only man I ever think of with regret…” —from You Can’t Take That Away from Me VALEDICTION Although I know I only make you ripe For another woman’s harvesting, I am glad in this: I have tasted your first blush. And in our […]

“Just a Girl” by Rocio deMingo, London

topic: CHANGE medium: TEXT I’m a little child lost in the valley of freedom. Too many choices, too little time. Through the darkness of my subconscious dreams, little paths of light appear. Kaleidoscopes of rainbows, reflections of my soul, paths that try to lead the way, which to choose, I […]

“Borrowed Words” by Alan Dawidowicz, Washington Heights

“Borrowed Words” by Alan Dawidowicz, Washington Heights

topic: LOVE AND HEARTBREAK medium: TEXT as shared at a PenTales event themed “Love and Heartbreak” These words I put on paper What do they mean? A window in to my soul Perhaps, so it may seem. Words of hope, fear, and love But are there words of God above? […]

“Sonnet #1” by Nina Rabinowitz, Washington Heights

“Sonnet #1” by Nina Rabinowitz, Washington Heights

topic: NATURE medium: TEXT as shared at a PenTales event themed “Borders” “And when the rainy season comes, I know That with the fall will come two emotions; One’s not to shake from me its devotions, That of winter hearts’ melancholic woe. Delight in other rains of excitement, Storms in […]

“Virtual Fall” by Jule Treener, Paris

“Impossible but it happened: a leaf Came to rest, plump and green and fresh as breath, After conducting the breeze in that brief Musical catastrophe called “leaf-death”. As through a camera falling from a cliff, We saw what it saw and felt what it felt, Delightful panic, a delicious whiff […]

“Another” by Jule Treener, Paris

NATURE “Out beyond the liminal edge, Where liquid light will someday seep, Our face is like a perfect sphere Upon the surface of the deep. Upon the surface of the deep Reflected in the blackest lake An object bouldering into space With Armageddon in its wake. With Armageddon in its […]