“Sonnet #1” by Nina Rabinowitz, Washington Heights

Nature June 13, 2011 05:14

topic: NATURE medium: TEXT

as shared at a PenTales event themed “Borders”

“And when the rainy season comes, I know
That with the fall will come two emotions;
One’s not to shake from me its devotions,
That of winter hearts’ melancholic woe.
Delight in other rains of excitement,
Storms in the summer, we running lovers,
(Lightning finds life and soon mine’s discovers)
With the crash of the thunder’s enlightenment.
Eternity’s pleasure felt one minute,
With you I adore come trip with me this,
I am alone and I am here in it,
To chase summer’s storm and winter’s we’ll miss;
Inside of me lives eternity’s bliss
Inside of me lies eternity’s bliss.”

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