“Great Expectations” by Muhammad Radwan, Damascus

Travel July 14, 2011 00:04

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Road turns white.

View of world tilts, the world at 45 degrees, or…?

Blackness. Obfuscation. Brother, where art thou?

In the hospital, realizations that there will no ensuing realizations, the epiphanies have already come, but they’re not taken from me.

Validations of these epiphanies was the grandest result.

Which epiphanies? Remain nomadic, expectation is the friend of emotional gravity. Keep none.

5 years and 20 some countries later, Damasco. Shammy lands.

The reasons for living here differ from the past endeavors. They are much more altruistic, if that notion is acceptable to you.

Ironically, time offered bliss and much comfort to this earthman. And I love to live so pleasantly, live this life of luxury, n’est ce pas Monsieur Buffet. But the buffets are not the only element in this woven web, although kebab and kreiz makes for boggling head changes.

A desert outside is perceived by the one with the desert inside. But Cairo’s desert is not Egypt’s desert, and the greens are still lacking. Bongo is not green.

I need more plants in this world, and I discover the Doctor’s wife concurs.

Whoa the overwhelming olfactory hues, sin nuggets, so almost like Page. O Yasmine, O dear Yasmine how I hold you close to my heart… and nose. Can’t wait to meet your friends.

Surprise, check it out now, Hussein and Zaynab, they’re not just in Om el Donya!

Anis with a punch..and a kick..then another punch keeps Arabic flowing with love.

Arabs that treat us all right, and not just because of Abdel Halim, and despite the ugliness with our brothers right of the mountains. Yes, we are welcome here. The people are brothers, unity will come.

I had started here with no expectations magnifying the effect of the countless surprises, only to develop great expectations for anything that comes next.

Shukran ya Sham

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