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Roberto Ricciuti - Winner of the Borders Photography Contest

Winning submission to Borders Contest

topic: BORDERS medium: PHOTO  

The place where I belong – Un luogo tutto per me – Creative Contest

The place where I belong – Un luogo tutto per me – Creative Contest

THE ITACA CONTEST Calling writers, illustrators, photographers, homebodies, travelers, tourists, artists, migrants, students …   The place where I belong – Un luogo tutto per me is an invitation to share a special place – real or imaginary – you return to and find comfort in. Whether it is a location, […]

“Bad Bad Billy” by Oliver Price, London

topic: TRAVEL medium: SONG, VIDEO as shared at a PenTales event themed “On the Road”

“All kinds of Meat” by Sadie Stein , NYC

“All kinds of Meat” by Sadie Stein , NYC

Listen to Paris Review’s Sadie Stein shares a little story about a long cab ride at PenTales latest salon night in NYC.

“On the Road” Storytelling Event in Panama City, December 2010

topic: EVENT medium: PHOTO In December, 2010 PenTales Storytellers gathered to share their perspectives on “On the Road.”

Sharkling by Joanna, Sweden

Fear of water is the most ironic thing a Piscean could have. I don’t know if  Joanna from Sweden is one, but her snorkeling adventures say otherwise! This is no tame adventure; she regales us with an exciting tale about swimming behind a baby shark in the waters of Maldives. […]

On the Road: “There are good people out there after all”

Heya Storylovers: Today we’re sharing a story from Oxford, UK with you. Enjoy! And, be inspired! Now, whip out your phone and ask a friend “about the most extraordinary thing that has happened to them on the road.” Send us the video ( and we’ll include it our growing global […]

Getting ram-med by Tommy Walach

I grew up on Enid Blyton’s charming stories of well-behaved dogs and the placid sheep they shepherded. So listening to Tommy Walach’s story on Travel in today’s (October 17) selection makes me wonder if Enid Blyton had ever been to Ireland (or New Zealand. Watch the video, you’ll know what […]

Home not a sweet home by Batsheva

At today’s PenTales pick (October 14), we watch a video from the NYC PenTales event on Travel and how sometimes going home is not the journey you’d imagine it to be. Going home is supposed to be comfortable, is it not? But Batsheva tells us how her trip home to […]