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“Freedom” by Helen Percival, Paris

“Freedom” by Helen Percival, Paris

topic: TRAVEL medium: TEXT, AUDIO as shared at a PenTales event in Paris Listen to the Story! It was the summer of my second year at university and I had four long months looming ahead of me. In search of freedom, I did what any university student would do- given […]

TRAVEL – what we’ve learned from what you’ve submitted this past week

by PenTales Pundit Aswini Sivaraman Only yesterday, I entered a contest at StudentUniverse’s Facebook page, where I had to tag a travel buddy, in the hope of winning a 100 dollar travel voucher. In retrospect, my comment was not my pithiest best; rather, it actually went off on a sentimental […]

Traveling Lyrics

It’s been a long and arduous journey to reach this milestone, but we’ve done it and we’re alive.  Yes!  It’s Day4 of TRAVEL week here at PenTales and we’re gonna honor the little break in the action at this here reststop with some classy road tunes.  So if you got […]

“For the record, I haven’t been inside a PETCO since” from Dan, Florida

topic: TRAVEL medium: TEXT Hello, PenTalers!  Thanks for joining us here today on Day3 of TRAVEL week!  Just yesterday we asked you for your travel stories of the strange and unexpected variety…and we’re doing the exact same thing today!  Well, kind of.  Actually we’re looking for the strange and unexpected all over again, […]

“Strange Nightlife in The City of Light” by Ms. X, London

topic: TRAVEL medium: TEXT Welcome to Day2 of TRAVEL week!  Today, we asked our the community to tell us about the strangest thing that’s happened to them while traveling…and we certainly got a kick out of some of your responses.  Today’s winning author wanted to remain anonymous (I exactly don’t blame her), […]

“Favorite place to travel” by Heather McGuire, Nova Scotia

topic: TRAVEL medium: PHOTOS   Hello, fellow Pentalers!  Welcome to Day1 of TRAVEL week!  Traveling is a peculiar phenomenon that affords us an array of tantalizing experiences which often open us to a world of understanding and appreciation that we never thought possible, while yet defining and cementing the comforting feel of […]

“Diary Entry: 1st of July, 2004” by Nina Clarke, London

topic: TRAVEL medium: TEXT, VIDEO as shared at a PenTales event themed “On the Road”

“Brushes with the Dark Side of Backpacking” by Mike, Hanoi

topic; TRAVEL medium: TEXT, VIDEO as shared at a PenTales event themed “Once Upon a Time”

“On the Road” by Alex Power, London

topic: TRAVEL medium: TEXT, VIDEO as shared at a PenTales event themed “On the Road”