“Favorite place to travel” by Heather McGuire, Nova Scotia

BLOG,Travel August 29, 2011 20:02

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Hello, fellow Pentalers!  Welcome to Day1 of TRAVEL week!  Traveling is a peculiar phenomenon that affords us an array of tantalizing experiences which often open us to a world of understanding and appreciation that we never thought possible, while yet defining and cementing the comforting feel of belonging and our sense of home.

Today’s submission comes to us from Nova Scotia-native, Heather McGuire.  Heather, though only 23-years into this crazy thing we call Life, is an ardent traveler.  A recent graduate from University of King’s College in Halifax with a BA in Journalism, Heather retains an artistic flare that informs much of her photography.  To kick-off TRAVEL week with a warm, at-home feel (thanks Irene), Heather kindly submitted two Realist photographs from her travels in Southeast Asia.  The first is a photo of young Buddhist monks in vibrant orange robes at the Doi Sutep Temple in Chang Mai, Thailand; and the second is of a jubilant Cambodian girl with her family (and a snake!) on a makeshift raft in Floating Village, Cambodia.  Enjoy!


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