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Photos from the NYC Travel / Migration Salon Night

“Sweat” by Tom Bentley, California

Sweat by Tom Bentley, California The original author of the old saw about death and taxes never sat down at the equator. If he had, he would have instantly added “sweat” to his timeless twosome. I lived on the small Micronesian island of Kosrae for a year, and I had […]

” A Taste of Heaven” by Janet Scrivens, England

” A Taste of Heaven” by Janet Scrivens, England

topic: TRAVEL medium: TEXT “A Taste of Heaven” won the ITACA contest in May 2011 Get to know Janet better by going Behind the Story I booked a holiday in early May, on the Greek island of Crete, inadvertently finding myself in the midst of Easter celebrations.\ Three English couples, […]

“Evening Walk” by Annie Barrett, Australia

“Evening Walk” by Annie Barrett, Australia

topic: TRAVEL medium: text The old dog walks a few paces, sniffs the air, then turns and looks back, checking up on the woman. In the western sky a quarter moon hangs. The woman is a silhouette against the evening sky. I watch her slow steps; she is hunched over […]

“The Armchair Traveller” by Dee Turbon, Scotland

The Armchair Traveller by Dee Turbon, Scotland Edward sits with the curtains open, sits in the sunlight, his chair placed just so, and he wears dark glasses and drinks chianti from a dirty tumbler. On the television is a programme about Venice and lots of views of canals, and the […]

ON THE ROAD: Travel to Budapest by Mriam Feder, Oregon

Travel to Budapest by Mriam Feder, Oregon We were seasoned travelers by the time we reached Budapest by overnight train. My daughter was much fresher than I was. She slept for most of the ride from Salzburg, while stern-looking guards from B-list World War II movies burst into our compartment […]

“An Encounter in China” by Karen Frank, Missouri

“An Encounter in China” by Karen Frank, Missouri

topic: TRAVEL medium: TEXT We huddled together, a bunch of American tourists in an alleyway in Beijing. A small crowd of people surrounded us. They inhabited this traditional neighborhood, known as a hutong. Not many hutong are left. They have, for the most part, been razed by the government and […]

“The Sea of High Adventur” by Nina Clarke, London

The Sea of High Adventure, by Nina Clarke, London The first thing she felt for when she opened her eyes was Tiger.  Tiger wasn’t there. Her hands scrambled on the ground for him but the ground was hot, hard and now it had given her a splinter in her palm. […]

“Great Expectations” by Muhammad Radwan, Damascus

topic: TRAVEL medium: TEXT, VIDEO as shared at an Event themed “Great Expectations” Road turns white. View of world tilts, the world at 45 degrees, or…? Blackness. Obfuscation. Brother, where art thou? In the hospital, realizations that there will no ensuing realizations, the epiphanies have already come, but they’re not […]