“Strange Nightlife in The City of Light” by Ms. X, London

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Welcome to Day2 of TRAVEL week!  Today, we asked our the community to tell us about the strangest thing that’s happened to them while traveling…and we certainly got a kick out of some of your responses.  Today’s winning author wanted to remain anonymous (I exactly don’t blame her), but her story more than fills the void.  It’s a bit after midnight in Paris, with a royal twist:

My friend Ashley and I snuck into the English Rugby World Cup squad’s afterparty at this nightclub in Paris.  Ah! I can’t remember the name for the life of me…and you’ll soon know why.  Anyway, Princes William and Harry were there, and Ashley wouldn’t stop stroking Will’s back because, apparently, he has a weird curvature.  As curious and entertaining as that was, it was too awkward for me to stand there and watch for another 10 minutes.  I scoured the room, soaking in all the excitement and lights and music and pulses and smells.  But all of that faded when I caught glimpse this soapstar that I grew up watching on TV.  I eventually wandered over to him, but I pretended I didn’t know who he was even though I’m pretty sure I kept calling him by his character’s name the entire night. Smooth.

And then i projectile vommed on one of the VIP tables and got escorted out.  This was a problem for me cause me and my soapstar were finally clicking!  So I went around the corner to throw up while my other friend flashed her cans at some random guy to get me water cause she had no cash.  I rallyed, cleaned myself up, and snuck back into the club through another door.

While I was out taking care of business, Ashley was in doing the same.  She hooked up with one of the rugby guys and they invited us on the team’s quadruple decker bus back to the hotel at 4am.  Instead, we went back to Ash’s with the princes’ best friend, Skippy…and Ash wound up stealing his ID and used it to bribe him later to meet Harry.  It didn’t work.

But he was apparently talking to them (the princes, of course) about us on the phone.  Which is cool…I guess?

I almost forgot: The captain of the team got so unbelievably wasted at the bar cause they lost that he started to collapse on me.  But then Will pushed me out of the way and carreid him out.

Oh! And then the soapstar messaged me the next day and invited me out clubbing, but I couldn’t go because I had an astrology midterm the next day.

That is officially the strangest thing that’s happened to me while out ‘n about in the real world.

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