“Stumble Upon a Leaf” by Maria Arrocha, Panama City

Nature July 24, 2011 15:46

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stumble upon a leaf, and its shape and color take me back to my childhood –

I am running very fast on my horse, I am 11 years old, small kid finding fun in nature. I remember the green savage fields, filled with technicolor green diversity, huge trees in the upper view, the mountains. Oh, the wind hitting my face, while my ears capture the condescending sound of Natura, the peace and quiet, the birds, and the steps of my horse just running and running.

So simple and profound to throw yourself in those sensations. So liberating and exquisite, private. The transformations within have just been inside nature, letting yourself go in the sounds and magic of the natural world is mandatory.

We are so surrounded, Nature is that good that will follow us everywhere it is the air –  the water – the space between us, but we have to appreciate it to gain its magic, that’s the only key: Appreciation.

Growing up in a country like Panama makes you sometimes not appreciate how wonderful it is to find a Tucan in your back yard, or to see a bear hiking in the road, or the most beautiful waterfall when you cross provinces in the middle of rainbows.
Nature is the natural blessing and it is felt through our blood. It is the fluent sensation that we are alive and breathing. And if you hold still and let the green and colors show you the way, you will feel happiness and you will find God in every little thing that moves around you.

My childhood is the place that I would like to come back to, but not for being a kid again in age but to feel free in an environment that was created by a greater force and not by men.

I trust our buildings less every day, I trust our system less every day, and I believe more in the Sun, I feel my skin more complete every time I come back from the Sea and something in my heart starts jumping, my blood is stronger now and more positive.

I have understood through natural experiments like Surfing, Yoga, contemplation that there is nothing you need to do as a human being to receive all the blessings of the rebirth in Nature. It is so outstanding and beautiful that there is no reason why we could question the power of it.

Nature is an every day journey; time and space are well defined in a leaf, a river and a wave. Sometimes while surfing, I just rest on my board staring at the power of a small wave. The centrifugal force in it is amazing, it has not to do with size but with the natural power of water unfolding, and finding its way through energy, over and over again.

The renovation is there, continually, reminding us that we can always start again, and that actually even though we are not aware WE ARE!

Nature has become my goal, to be very faithful to its healing power. Among all the material aspects we have created in our modern life, all this clothing, all this image, all this pressure, I look upon the SUN and my heart starts filling itself with joy, peace and happiness, pure happiness, child likehappiness, its never to late to go back, to surrender to this amazing sensation to be alive, and connected.

MI CUERPO, se llenó de sal

Ayer surfie todo el día,

y mi cuerpo se llenó de sal,

como una caracola de viento,

y mis ojos pudieron ver,

a través del tiempo.

Cuando la soledad

permitió al Sol entrar,

yo no fui más que el momento,

y la sonrisa del amigo a mi lado,

se hizo estela para no pertenecerle

a nada, ni a nadie;

libres, libres, como la gaviota

que circunda los sueños.

My Body, was filled with sand

Yesterday I surfed all day

And my body filled with salt,

Like a seashell fills with wind,

And my eyes were able to see

Across time.

When solitude

Let the Sun enter,

I was not more than the moment,

And the smile of a friend at my side,

Became a star

To not belong to anyone;

Free, free like the birds

That flies in our dreams.

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