“Borrowed Words” by Alan Dawidowicz, Washington Heights

Love and Heartbreak July 13, 2011 22:35
as shared at a PenTales event themed “Love and Heartbreak”

These words I put on paper
What do they mean?
A window in to my soul
Perhaps, so it may seem.
Words of hope, fear, and love
But are there words of God above?
These words I put on paper,
What do they mean?
Are they empty letters,
From which there is nothing to glean,
Random symbols, shapes, and spaces,
Merely glanced over by the eyes on all your faces
Are these words a picture of me
All I am, maybe ever, will be?
Are they my secrets
Laid bare for you to see?
Should I be frightened and scared,
Or should I feel free
I see your face,
But I don’t see you.
You see my words,
And you see right through
Me and my whole past.
Would you still love me after that?
Whose words these are I think I know
They belong to a man who wishes his soul
Was like a fresh white snow
A clear dark night,
Clean and covered in white
These words are my path
My road in life.

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