“Teach your Children Well” by C. Shoemaker, Pennsylvania

Money July 14, 2011 17:00


“Ya gotta really teach your children well these days…about money and finances and all that. Ya gotta be honest with your kids from day one. I remember tellin’ my two sons one day, after movin’ into this new apartment: “Now boys, if anyone asks you, ya tell ‘em that you don’t have a baby sister. You tell ‘em that it’s just us in here, ya hear me? Or else momma’s gonna have to pay a lot more money that she don’t got and we’ll have to move out on the street.” Ya gotta be honest with em from day one. Shoot! It’s a cutthroat world out there and ain’t no one gon’ give it to ya. Money makes people do terrible things. I really wish we could all just get along and help each other. But you need it, ya know? Ya gotta be able to feed yourself! I love being able to provide for myself and for my loved ones. That’s what gets me goin, so I do what I gotta do. You really juss gotta buck up and take care of business! Whatever “business” that is isn’t my business, butcha bess find out real quick and get that food on the table! Or else…”

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