The Feeling of Love by Ben Morphy, Canada

Love and Heartbreak July 14, 2011 16:45


In this moment he lost the fear, the anger, the sadness. He looked on as Reality slipped away from him and dissipated into the wet air. The downpour, gnawing and searing, an acid consuming the flesh, left nothing but the inside out. The pure, the true, the unseen, the naked, the bare. His heart skipped a beat, and he felt himself from within. A fleeting feeling forgotten long ago, resurged by her breeze-like touch. As doubt stripped itself away, tearing from his aching soul, a subliminal, ghastly beauty deposed of it all. The eminence of disinterest and repose. He smelled the sky and air, the earth and forest, the sun and rain anew. Everything fresh, an inexorable cycle, a weapon he couldn’t yield for an eternity. The world would carry on, like it has, without even a flinch. He, however, couldn’t stand for such a simplistic fate. The power of the eternal winds again resides in his chest. He, for the first time in a lifetime, would inscribe his own.

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