So Many Stories Out There Waiting To Be Shared

BLOG,Nuggets December 12, 2011 21:47
By PenTales Pundit Elise Nardin

Caption: “The Harvest”, featuring, among others, my great grandad Louis, my mother Martine and my uncle Patrick, 1959, Switzerland.

This project all started with this old picture. I found it in a photo album at my grandparents’ place while visiting them a few years back. I asked them to tell me about that day, how it was to grow up on a farm in the 30s and this led to several anecdotes from their childhood. Over the past few years, my siblings and I, we’ve been thinking of interviewing our grandparents to collect their stories, unfortunately without getting to it. Early 2011, I met Saskia and heard about PenTales. I really liked the idea of sharing stories and I gave some thought about a potential involvement.

I regularly keep in touch with my grandparents via phone, emails and skype and I send links to my computer savvy grandad. Over the years, I realized that it was such a shame that he didn’t produce any content on the Web. Having thought about interviewing my grandparents and seeing my grandad actively consuming content on the Web led me to think of a way to combine both these aspects in one project. Hence, I reached out to Saskia and Stephanie and submitted them the idea of featuring stories from 60+ years old people, in order to pass on great stories, share their wisdom and most importantly give them a voice on the Web 2.0.

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  • diane cooper

    Wonderful photo, Elise! It leads me to wonder about all the people in the photo….and the beautiful horses, too.