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PenTales Newsletter 2012 Update

PenTales Newsletter 2012 Update

        So, for our first email of 2012, we wanted to take a moment to re-introduce you to PenTales so you know exactly what we’re all about.Here it goes:PenTales is trying hard to build a culture – online and offline – where people stop and ask each […]

“Take Your Time” a Life Lesson from Meira, NYC

Today’s lesson comes from Meira’s story of love and banana bread. If you’ve ever rushed on to the wrong train or bus, or hurriedly left home without any of the things you need, than you’ve already learned this one the hard way too.

“Don’t Think Too Hard” a Life Lesson from Ben Greenfield, NYC

Ben shares his speculative experience at the Coffee Bean with us, and the allure, and danger, of getting carried away trying to guess at intentions.  

“Honesty is the Best Policy or Don’t Do Drugs” a Life Lesson from Jana, NYC

Jana shares a story about learning how to smell and being honest with our family members, it’s also about getting caught.

If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going, Any Road Will Take You There,” a Life Lesson from Don, RI

Don’s story of determination and optimistic adventure start this week off with a great lesson: you don’t always need to know what you want but when you do, go for it.

“Look Before You Love” a Life Lesson from Harold, Queens

Harold shares a tough lesson with us today: take it slow. As great as it is to get swept off your feet, he shares the merits of not rushing too quickly.

“Drawing a Line,” a Life Lesson from Rebecca, NYC

Rebecca tells us how she learned not to overdo it; namely, by overdoing it.

“Stay Positive” a Life Lesson from Desmond, NYC

Desmond shares the every-day secret of success and happines: it’s all about attitude.

“Don’t Forget Your Clothes” a Life Lesson from Yono, Baltimore MD