Home for the Holidays

BLOG,Home December 7, 2011 17:20

If the “Seasonal” aisle in our local supermarket is any indication, holiday season is upon us!

One thing at the heart of the Triple Threat of Christmas, Hannukah and Kwanza, is family.Whether you will be celebrating a holiday in a few weeks with family, alone or not at all, we at PenTales want to hear your stories about the people you grew up with, or have grown close to, and the role of family in your life.

We’re kicking things off by focusing on our earlier family memories and stories, when an older sibling or a parent had all the answers, and we were full of dreams of becoming an astronaut or a magician. We all start out depending on someone, and that person, or those people, often help shape who we are in lasting ways. Let’s take the first week for sharing our stories of the people we have to thank (or blame) for who we are.

Tell us about your holiday tradition. (you can either leave a comment below / join the conversation on facebook.com/pentales / submit your story (in any medium) here ! 

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