So full of “if”‘s the Path of Life by Annemarie Timmons

Nuggets December 31, 2011 23:31


What influenced our choices?

Did we miss opportunities, following our inner voices. I feel there is a master-plan imprinted on each soul. Each journey is unique and grand, expressing Love’s our goal.

We chose this earth to be our school; compassion is our quest. Our reasoning mind can’t comprehend this Spirit-given test.

A pattern guides each human heart; ignoring it draws pain. In poverty or squand’ring wealth, the ego fights in vain. When we claim what’s not meant for us, determined, using force.

We know not that our needs are met, when we trust SPIRIT-SOURCE.

It matters not where we were born , regardless of location; each soul must learn to trust the Heart, embrace each situation.

A timid soul shuns the UNKNOWN, sheer panic makes it cling , to limits that the senses set, but fearful hearts can’t sing.

No other way could we have come, each pain was meant to be; to forge the Heart, expand our mind, to set our Spirit free.

Whatever path we chose to take, t’was just a stepping stone.In this great cosmic school we are—-UNIQUE–but not alone.

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