89 year old Londoner Barber

BLOG,Nuggets January 3, 2012 18:00
By PenTales Pundit Elise Nardin, Zurich, Switzerland

August 6 2011, riots devastated Eastern London. Watching the news was like watching a strange mix of ‘V for Vendetta’, ‘25 days later’, and other similar end-of-the-world blockbuster movies. These riots were different, it was real. It affected local businesses, the lives of a very heterogeneous population.

Local communities and groups of neighbors decided to get on the streets to clean, and wash away the signs of a storm of violence. Among the many initiatives that sprouted here and there in Eastern London, this one is particularly touching: Keep Aaron Cutting. 89 year old barber, Aaron Biber has been cutting hair in his barber shop on Tottenham Hill Street for the past 41 years. His shop was devastated by rioters. A group of three locals decided to help him get back on his feet. Here’s his testimony in his renewed barber shop.



Aaron has stories to tell us about being a barber, about his neighborhood, about London, and much more. He was known in his neighborhood, maybe not outside of Tottenham. The riots had devastating consequences on his livelihood and business. Nevertheless, people came together to make his voice heard.

We’ve all said a shy ‘hi’ to an old neighbor, or our respective deli shop keeper without knowing much about them. They carry stories, personal wisdom, an unknown and precious treasure that could enlighten younger generations if shared.

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