The Life Lessons Launch

BLOG,Nuggets February 7, 2012 16:21
Our dearest PenTales Friends,

We’re pleased to present you with Life Lessons. We’ve been working on this for the past few months and we’re so excited to officially ask you to be part of it.

Life Lessons is nothing more than 5 questions. We’re welcoming EVERYONE to answer them.

We have 2 objectives:
1) To share our wisdom. Everyone, no matter what age or background, has some nugget of wisdom to share with the world. Maybe it’s a life motto? Or a hard-learned lesson? Or maybe its nothing more than a little saying? Whatever it is, chances are, there’s someone out there who would benefit from your wisdom.
2) To empower seniors to share their life lessons online by asking them about what they have learned over their long lives. They have so much wisdom to share and we want to make sure we preserve these nuggets of wisdom for generations to come.
Here’s where you come in:
Please contribute your nugget of wisdom to PenTales. Answer the 5 questions. And, reach out to a wise person in your life – no matter what age – and, ask them what life has taught them. Then send it our way by either submitting the questionnaire on our site or emailing us at
We’re convinced that everyone has something to teach us. Why not pool are nuggets of wisdom and hard-learned lessons so we can all be a little bit smarter.
Thanks for contributing to this project. We can’t wait to learn what life has taught you.
Elise (Director, Life Lessons) & Stephanie (Founder, PenTales)

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