“New World” by Annemarie Timmons, Overland Park, Kansas

September 11 October 26, 2011 02:45

topic: 9/11 medium: TEXT

as submitted for the “9/11” Open Call

Broken life’s, death and destruction, caused our hearts to beat as one.
Could it be Great Spirit’s guiding a new earth that just begun?
Not in judgment some great Being sits above, keeps man apart.
It’s a New World, souls uniting, Love will open every heart.
Evil builds his own dimension that a bullet cannot kill.
Battling with a monsters psyche takes a conscious kind of skill.
If our hearts are faint and fearful, evil gains the upper hand.
Fear attracts what we’re afraid of, spreading panic through the land.
Hired killers and their backers, terrorists must all be caught;
‘Lest our countries fallen Heroes all in vain for freedom fought.
Gave their lives, these noble landsmen, for their country; we stayed safe.
Once again our world is threatened; sons and fathers must be brave.
God’s not someone who grants favors, taking sides for chosen few;
Cosmic Spirit beyond measure, hearts expanding, minds renew.
Prayers for Wisdom, Strength and Patience, Peace begins with me, I start.
Visions for the road to freedom, it’s a journey of the heart.

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