“9/11” by Carmen James

September 11 October 26, 2011 05:24

topic: 9/11 medium: TEXT

as submitted for the “9/11” Open Call

Somewhere ~ Song

Something’s breaking down
Tears flow
From a crying town.
Motors roar overhead
People Turn
Eyes Wide
Gaping Mouths

Planes Crash
Into sturdy souls
Flames leap out of Black holes
People bound to death
People burn to dust
People call loved ones
To say goodbye

Something’s breaking down
Tears flow from an empty town
Children eyes Searching
Missing Parents
Where’s my Home?

Iron fence faces
There are no traces
We unite
Sirens scream in the night
Racism cracks in the air

Something’s broken down
People’s hearts are melting now
Young people in at war
Fear running through our system
Can we go On?

Carmen James
10th Grade, September 2001

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