“Monogamy” by Atisha Paulson

BLOG,Monogamy,New York January 21, 2012 17:50

as submitted for the “Monogamy” Open Call

We got home and discussed monogamy. I asked if we were. She said I think so. I told her I hadn’t been with anybody else since we started. She said neither had she. I thought I felt love but couldn’t be sure. I felt something. I told her I hadn’t liked someone in over two years. I didn’t get into the Zoë story but only that my last girlfriend fucked me over and that she was a lying slut bitch whore. That just about summed it up. But this, this was a fresh start, fresh enough to not soil the sheets with dirty memories of a broken heart. We made love. Had sex. Fucked. Whatever it was, it was. Afterwards, we passed out in the silent afternoon sunlight.

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