“Crime and Punishment” by Atisha Paulson

Crime and Punishment,New York November 13, 2011 17:46


What happened to Chelsea on Sunday? First she got arrested for running on to the field at Pac-Bell Stadium after the Giants game (in SF). She was led out in handcuffs and served a summons to appear in court. Then she went over to her assistant manager’s where she got in a “play fight” and wound up spraying him with a fire extinguisher. Of course he had to take it to the next level so he sprayed her back, covering the entire apartment in a fine white dust. When his roommate came home they got in a fight and he punched Chelsea’s assistant manager in the face and broke his nose. Blood sprayed all over the powder white apartment and people were screaming and the roomate pulled Chelsea out of the bathroom by the neck, where she was making out with Cory the bartender. The assistant manager with bloody nose, well, his girlfriend started screaming at Chelsea, “This is all your fault. You slut, you fucking slut.” Chelsea stood there with her mouth wide open but couldn’t say a word because she knew it was true.

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