A lil’ ol’ pat on the back!

Crime and Punishment January 20, 2012 16:09

PenTales is a pretty awesome group of creative souls, if we may say so ourselves. We started in New York with just two people (Saskia and Stephanie). From there the project grew exponentially. We’ve had countless friends lend a hand or their apartments for salon nights. And, that’s basically the story of PenTales. Friends, friends of friends and perfect strangers working together to build a space – both physical and virtual – where stories and the people behind them matter. It’s a lofty goal, we admit. But, we think we’re doing a pretty good job at it (did we mention we have full-time jobs and this is just a hobby?).

So, here’s to everyone who’s helped out along the way: Thank you! And, to the many other people who will join us as we continue our mission of connecting people and places one story at a time. (Please shoot us an email and let us know how you want to play a part. There are no shortage of ways. In fact, we’d be excited if you proposed something yourself. The main gist is that we want to bring together unique perspectives in whatever shape or form we can.)

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