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Fury Young on Set

Fury’s Nugget: “Loneliness Can Make You Stronger.”

by PenTales Pundit Royal Young Often, you don’t realize the importance of people until they leave you. My younger brother and I really got close after I left for college. Of course, as kids growing up on the Lower East Side, we shared pillow fights and comic books, Hanukah candy […]

Early Portrait Lee Brozgol

Royal Young interviews Artist Lee Brozgol, his Father

My father fled his dad’s restrictive Midwest world to move to New York’s downtown in the 1960’s, pursuing a career in art. As a bearded beatnik living on Crosby Street, Dad painted vivid, colorful canvasses and made papier-mâché masks. He met Mom at a party where she was the only […]

Royal Young by Amanda Segur

Royal Young’s Nugget: “Get rich or die trying”

Royal Young. What a cool name. By extension what cool (and ambitious) parents to give him that name. No wonder this creative Lower East Sider, writer at Interview Magazine and The Lo Down, picked up a thing or two from mom and dad: the Oedipus Complex, Daniel Burnham, changing the […]

Life in the Lower East by Fred Gutzeit

Fred Gutzeit did his share of traveling before he finally settled in New York like he always wanted to. Living in the Lower East and watching it change over the years helped Fred share some great stories with us! Can you imagine a time when rents were $54 a month […]

Lower East Side “Lifer” by Laurie Gwen Shapiro

Imagine starting your life in one place. And pretty much staying there for the rest of it. You think it’d be boring? Think again. Laurie may have been born on the Upper East Side, but she’s a Lower East Side “Lifer”! And she lives among other such “Lifers”! And boy, […]

“Surviving in the Boxing Ring” – An Interview with Len Zerling by PenTales

“Surviving in the Boxing Ring” – An Interview with Len Zerling by PenTales

G&S Sporting Goods is a hallmark of New York City’s Lower East Side. Their specialty: Their own line of Boxing Equipment. The small family-run store was opened in 1937 by local boxing champ Izzy Zerling, now 96.  Izzy’s son, Len  took over in 1957 and has managed to keep the […]

Changes in self and changes in Lower East Side by Cameron

Naked dancing roommate, female stalker, diverse people. These are some of the things Cameron saw as he lived in the Lower East Side. Imagine witnessing the birth of hip hop and living among people of the arts! This is a story of not just how Lower East Side changed, but […]