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Roberto Ricciuti - Winner of the Borders Photography Contest

Winning submission to Borders Contest

topic: BORDERS medium: PHOTO  

“Down and Out in Imaginary Paris” by Olivia Salazar-Winspear, Paris

When people think of Paris, mythical place names spring to mind: the Louvre, Notre Dame, the Musée d’Orsay, Versailles, the Eiffel Tower. In Imaginary Paris, every street corner has a view of the Eiffel Tower. Imaginary Paris exists in films, in literature, and in other people’s holiday photos. Even the […]

“Borders” Storytelling Event in Washington Heights, December 2010

topic: EVENT medium: PHOTO, VIDEO In December 2010, PenTales Storytellers gathered in Washington Heights to share perspectives on “Borders.” Stories included “George Drops Sociology” and “Jack’s Ciggies” by Danny Hoffman, “Sonnet #1” by Nina Rabinowitz and “The Grass is Less Green on the Other Side” by Ezra Wolkenfeld  

“Borders” an Event in Budapest, May 2011

topic: EVENT medium: PHOTO In May, 2011 PenTales Storytellers gathered to share perspectives on “Borders.”

“Freedom” by Jo, Paris

“Freedom” by Jo, Paris

Listen to the Story! Way up in the North there’s a big forest, and in the big forest lives a whole crowd of beautiful butterflies. Every year the butterflies look forward to summer, and when summer comes they can’t wait to open up their wings, and warm them in the […]

“Freedom” by Catherine Nicholson, Paris

“Freedom” by Catherine Nicholson, Paris

topic: BORDERS medium: TEXT, AUDIO as shared at a PenTales event in Paris Listen to the Story! It was a lovely way to wake up. The rising sun poking its golden fingers through the half-closed blinds, and bathing Dave in warm dappled light. He’d had a long week, and as […]

“Timor Highway” by Michael Brown, Australia

topic: BORDERS medium: TEXT as submitted for the “Connected Contest” Every morning, Fernandez and his little sister, Lee, ran up and down the road that winds from Dili to Baucau. They looked for the biggest potholes and, after stormy nights, for any trees that had fallen across the road. If […]

“Melted Snow” by Jeremie Guy, Maryland

“Melted Snow” by Jeremie Guy, Maryland

topic: BORDERS medium: TEXT as submitted for the “Connected” Contest Cory slid a calloused finger down his hip and across the scar tissue. Even after two years, feeling it made him shiver, and memories of his brother John drifted back into his head. He’d never felt more disconnected in his […]

“5000 Characters on Being Connected” by Sebastian Michael, England

topic: BORDERS medium: TEXT as submitted for the “Connected” Contest only connect you say i donʼt know what you mean i do know what you mean i mean i know what youʼre saying i donʼt know what youʼre saying are you saying it to me or are you saying it […]