Pioneer Michele Carlo + the Sweet Revenge of the Puerto Ricans

BLOG,Home,New York November 7, 2011 23:50

I remember a friend of mine from India who told me a funny story about how somebody at her U.S. university walked up to her and asked her, “Are you Victoria?” She was taken aback, to say the very least.  She now qualified for a Victoria?!  I bet it would have taken her a while to decide how to react to that surely innocent question. Or perhaps she should look at it as her being so naturally situated in an American surrounding that she looked quite at home in it to be called Victoria!

And that is what our featured speaker for the day, Michele Carlo, wonderfully talks about in the “Home” week. What does it mean to be at home in a place that’s not naturally home? And how do you react when somebody thinks you are? When you have two places you can call home, which one do you want to belong to more? Do you even want to do that but? Isn’t it twice the amount of fun and twice the amount of belonging?

We’ll give you twice the amount of fun now. Hear Michele’s wonderful snippet in the link below and get more of the very entertaining Michele at her web site, She’s out with a new book, FISH OUT OF AGUA: My life on neither side of the (subway) tracks, where you can get the whole scoop on what promises to be a very interesting read.




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