Introducing: A PenTales Book

BLOG September 13, 2011 02:00

PenTales  started out as a small narrative experiment: We handed 20 empty notebooks to 20 friends, and asked them each to start a story. Many such books are now traveling the world as each storyteller passes the book on to someone new to continue their story. These are pages from Book #9!

Thanks to contributors, in order:

Liesl Schillinger, NYC – Hadley Freeman, NYC – Katie Kitamura/ Jamie Diamond, NYC – Sean Wilsey, Nolita Daphne Beal, NYC – Laura Schechter NYC William Tigertt NYC – Atisha Paulson LES NY – Brian “Pietz” Peterson, Venice CA – Angie Ledgenwood, CA – Samara Hersch, Australia – Lisa Monique Gluck, Australia

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