Great Expectations by Kate Dupuis

BLOG,Love and Heartbreak November 5, 2011 07:30

Perhaps the worst way to deal with a break-up is to blame yourself for it. Were you not good enough? Did you do something wrong? But are these the questions you should be asking yourself? Kate Dupuis’s narrator asks these questions in the tale for today (Nov 5), but where does that get one? However this sounds, the last person you want to break up with is yourself, right?

I know it’s a conversation we don’t need to have.  But it’s one that, from time-to-time, crosses my mind.  I sense that if we were to break up, it will be because I’m just not enough for him.  His expectations in life are set (and are set high).  What happens if I can’t meet them? If I’m not a lawyer or I’m not a doctor or a millionaire.  What happens if I don’t want to meet them?  What if I’m doing something that makes me happy, but for him, I’m settling.  Will that make him unhappy?  This makes this presumption a lot more true since the last text message received from him read, ” I honestly think you should go to law school or medical school.”

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