Family by Maida Sheikh

BLOG February 13, 2012 15:43

He preferred the boy. She was a smear on his coat of Honor. She did it herself, he reasoned. If she hadn’t gone looking for men, she’d have been just fine. I gave her everything i could, and this is how she repays me! She had been told how she was a precious pearl hidden until she was ready to be given up. She was the family’s respect and honor, and everything rested on her shoulders. The boy was told that he had to maintain the family respect however he saw fit. And then, he killed her. He threw her name in the dirt himself.To hide his mistake, he fabricated a lie, but he got so caught up, he ended up believing it. Her life was a tangled web of confusion- she made mistakes that made the suspicion grow. She even fell for the wrong people- but she never thought it would cost her her life. If they had let her speak… If they hadn’t cut her sentences and completed them for her… if… She grew tired of ‘if’s…. And it came to an end when he slit her throat. Her father said it was alright because she deserved it. He always preferred the boy anyways. If only he knew of his sons secret life… Ah…he did…but in case of the boy, he couldn’t bring dishonor anyways, so it was alright. Yes. It was alright.

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