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Family by Maida Sheikh

He preferred the boy. She was a smear on his coat of Honor. She did it herself, he reasoned. If she hadn’t gone looking for men, she’d have been just fine. I gave her everything i could, and this is how she repays me! She had been told how she […]

Love Square by Maida Sheikh

It’s fair to say that I have become intolerant. I’ve come to detest that face. The way the lips curl up in a mean snarl or ‘I-know-it-all’ smirk- wish i could slap it into a wall. So here we are, staring at each other, wondering why we’re even wasting our […]

“Sinking” by Maida Sheikh, Lahore

topic: LOVE AND HEARTBREAK medium: TEXT PenTales Pick of the Day- By: Tiffany Colon Often times being in a relationship, falling in love, can feel like drowning.  This is an analogy that has probably been used often amongst us.  What Sinking does is take that analogy and make it haunting […]