“9/11” by Jeremie Guy, Bowie, Maryland

September 11 October 26, 2011 21:29

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as submitted for the “9/11” Open Call

The day terrorism crashed into the minds of Americans is still vivid in my head. I was in middle school at the time, and we received an announcement that a tragedy had occurred. We were herded to the auditorium where the principle informed us of the news. The impact of the 9/11 disaster didn’t strike me until I grew older, but I remember seeing older people experiencing a collage of emotions. Some were sad, some were confused, but most felt a variance of anger. It was the first time I heard a racist word used for a Middle-Eastern person.

Despite the anger and frustration, unity erupted. Flags and patriotism became the new style, and I remember people speaking of an all-inclusive America. Though a lot of Middle-Eastern citizens were ostracized and treated unfairly, if you were American you were American, and race almost dissolved for a short period.

Of course the unnerving fear of flying became a steady presence and is still in the backs of many minds. Ten years have passed, but airport security remains a lot tighter than it used to be. Even with the improved security I still hear news segments speaking of the strides TSA is making to help create a safer flying experience. Regardless of all the security measures and caution used, the flying experience has fallen dramatically. Airplane companies continue to suffer the ill effects of September 11th, and a recovery might never happen. It is also interesting to note the monetary and political implications of such a terrible day. Many people now believe sending our troops over to the Middle East was a mistake, but during 2001 almost everyone supported the fighting. Piles of soldiers have essentially been buried because of one day. One day that scared America. One day that hurt America. But one day that caused America to take action.

The list of consequences for 9/11 is almost endless, but the unity and positive side effects are still present. The message echoes through the minds and souls of Americans everywhere. Freedom is not free, but if a threat to our country rises, we will make this threat pay for trying to strip us of what our ancestors have worked so hard to achieve. God bless America.

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