“9/11” by Atisha Paulson

September 11 October 26, 2011 01:45

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as submitted for the “9/11” Open Call

Yesterday was September 11th. I know I was supposed to feel something but all I could think about was how fucked up the world was. It didn’t used to be like this. But it is now. Not to say the world wasn’t fucked up before, but was it ever this bad?

As the plane flew up the East River, the pilot drew our attention to the two high powered beams of light leaking from gaping wound that used to be the World Trade Center. Everyone on board the USAir Flight 782 from Charlotte to LaGuardia craned their necks in a vein attempt to see something and feel anything. All I could think was that we didn’t even know a fraction of the truth about what had happened that fateful day 6 years ago. What made it even worse was not all the lives that had been lost on and since that day, but all the money that been made. Evil people had profited. Men and women were dying down below while Hollywood was making blockbusters of death. Firefighters couldn’t breathe and no one seemed to give a shit. A war was being waged by politicians and big business was acting like the hand of God. It all made me sick to my stomach. I closed my eyes and wished for something good but couldn’t think of anything.

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