“White Feather” by Tracie Pascoe, Australia

Borders October 31, 2011 01:14

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I’m not going to send you a white feather,

Because this could go on and on, forever.

This isn’t Gods war

This is a man’s war

What are we fighting for?

No reason at all.

This is not our war; this is man’s war.

I’m not going to write you a letter,

Because I don’t know, where to send it.

This is my minds war,

What do I fight it for?

No reason at all?

Oh but there is for sure.

This is a mind war, my war.

I’m not going to send off a prayer,

Because I’m not sure that there is somebody there.

These are my thoughts,

Not yours,

So don’t try to care.

Try to take my time, my blood my soul – unfair.

I’m not going to know you at all.

Sent off a diamond; returned a lump of coal.

Because of mans war,

Their war, why don’t I fight it more?

They’ve got no reason

To play with God’s war anymore.

I’m not going to try to explain it to you.

You wouldn’t understand till you’ve been through

A battle in the hand of a desperate man

And his men,

Their men,

Who would’ve thought

It could be you?

So if someone happens to send you a white feather,

Don’t let it get you down forever.

Because it’s their law, their call,

It don’t mean nothin’ at all.

Only you know

What it’s worth after all.

It’s your call.

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