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Amanda Segur

Amanda’s Nugget: “Don’t air out your dirty laundry”

Amanda Segur’s Irish mum is her hero. We understand why: she’s fearless, practical and loving. Needless to say, the results of her rearing speak for themselves: a daughter, who believes in doing good for good’s sake, never airing out your dirty laundry, and putting on a brave face (even when […]

John Hodges’ Nugget: “Keep Truckin,” Washington, DC

John Hodges’ Nugget: “Keep Truckin,” Washington, DC

By Stephanie Ursula Hodges Today’s interview and life lesson is from none other than my dear father (depicted here with Beatnik glasses and my lovely mother at his side). Whether tantrums or tears, my three brothers and I were taught from the outset that we’d  be “wiser in the morning.” […]