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“An Informative Powerpoint Love Letter” by Oliver Hartman, NYC

topic: MONEY medium: TEXT, VIDEO as shared at a PenTales event themed “Making Ends Meet” I’m happy that you all made it here tonight and am especially relieved to see so many non-liquid edibles. It makes filling my sandwich bag-lined pockets a little easier. Ha, you can laugh if you […]

“Just a Girl” by Rocio deMingo, London

topic: CHANGE medium: TEXT I’m a little child lost in the valley of freedom. Too many choices, too little time. Through the darkness of my subconscious dreams, little paths of light appear. Kaleidoscopes of rainbows, reflections of my soul, paths that try to lead the way, which to choose, I […]

“So, Great Expectations” by James Creedon, London

topic: DREAMS medium: TEXT So, great expectations. I’m not a particularly imaginative person, so in pouring forth my thoughts on these two words for the next five minutes, I’ll take inspiration from a) Paris, b) my love life or lack thereof, and c) my job, which together probably account for […]