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“Making Ends Meet” : an Event in NYC, September 2010

topic: MONEY medium: EVENT Stories:“Beats Any Toy” by Lauren Frey-Daisley “Three Hundred and Fifty Dollars” by Noah Wunsch “Making Ends Meet” by Matt Morello “Making Ends Meet” by Guy Lesser “An Informative Powerpoint Love Letter” by Oliver Hartman  

Eugene Ashton-Gonzalez sings “Hotel California” in Vietnam

Eugene Ashton-Gonzalez sings “Hotel California” in Vietnam

We’ve been busy! BBOX Radio and PenTales put together an event last month where New Yorkers came together to share tales inspired by the word “HOME.”  Keep listening to BBOX for all the HOME stories in the coming weeks! Gear up for a week of HOME stories right here on […]

The Blues by Jacinta Lawson

What does home remind you of? You’d agree if we said the sight and smell of fresh linen among other things, right? The comforting sight of mom’s ritual of getting the clothes to smell so good is a memory one might take for granted. But for Jacinta Lawson, this scene […]

Home Sweet Home: An Event in NYC, October 2011

topic: EVENT medium: PHOTO

Photos from the Growing Up + Old on the Lower East Side (@ The BMW Guggenheim Lab)

There’s an old saying that goes, ‘you can never go home again’. This may mean the bookstore that you spent your childhood in was replaced by another Trader Joe’s, or, maybe those sweet old neighbors moved away after 30 years. These types of changes are sometimes hard to bear when […]

PenTales in Berlin! August 2011

topic: EVENT medium: PHOTO Check out some photos from the latest fantastic event in Berlin!

PenTales4; an Event in Paris

topic: EVENT medium: TEXT, AUDIO     Stories: “Josefa González Espilco” by Warwick Wise “Freedom” by Helen Percival “El Carcel de amor, or, The Prison of Love*” by Olivia Salazar-Winspear “Freedom” by Catherine Nicholson Two Freedom Poems by Fiona Cameron “Freedom” by Jo and a song: “Run, Run by Flo”    

EVENT: “Royalty” in Paris

EVENT: “Royalty” in Paris

topic: EVENT medium: TEXT, PHOTO It was a Royal Ceremony of sorts, a regal council just a shade after the Night of the Kings, in the damp and the gloom of a January afternoon…. One wise woman joined us from the East and visiting dignitaries from the four corners of […]