EVENT: “Royalty” in Paris

Event,Paris August 31, 2011 15:18

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It was a Royal Ceremony of sorts, a regal council just a shade after the Night of the Kings, in the damp and the gloom of a January afternoon….

One wise woman joined us from the East and visiting dignitaries from the four corners of Paris were there, crowns on noble heads. Royal pie was served – Galette des Rois!- and beneath its pastry flakes and almond cream, little trinkets twinkled and promised the lucky ones magnificent fortune for the year to come….

From our warm and wine-soaked realm we wrote the Law of the Land and told stories from our king and queendoms. Subjects, we invite you to take a peek into courtly life : the pictures and the sounds and the tales are here below…

STORIES: “Royal Confidence” by Andrew

“I Ex-Queen of the Orient Am” by Cat

“Three Kings Day” by Elena

“Alright Princess?” by Rosalyn

“Three Queens” by Anna Matussek

“Kings of Vanished Kingdoms” by Mark Fitzpatrick

“A Garden for Higher Authorities” by Elinor

“The Fool” by Josh

“Eleanor of Aquitane” by Caro and Nick

“Untitled” by Luke


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