Davina’s Nugget: “Dark chocolate is good for you”

BLOG,Nuggets February 2, 2012 18:00

Ok, I have to say it: I love this girl. She admits to wanting to be a Pop Star. First, that reveals that she’s totally out of touch with current pop culture – apparently she missed the memo announcing that the word “Pop Star” is totally outdated. Second, it’s like she’s speaking directly from my heart because…  I wanted to be a Pop Star!

But, now we’re grown up (sort of) and it turns out we’ll have to save the paparazzi, reality shows and fabulous music videos for another lifetime.

But, wait, hold up! I spoke too soon. Davina tells us exactly what a Pop Star (or Anna Wintour) would: “Dark chocolate is good for you.” I think Madonna said the same thing in a Vogue interview circa 1989. Looks like Davina is giving Madonna and that Anna Wintour a run for their money.

Today, Davina Pike answers PenTales 5 Life Lessons Questions. (Got some heard-learned lesson or some nuggets of wisdom to share? Time to spill them here.)

1. Who is your hero and why?

Not sure about this one.

2. What was your dream job when you were a child?

I wanted to be a pop star (like most kids I think?) Later on I wanted to work at a fashion magazine. I think I envisioned being like Anna Wintour. Then I interned at Time Inc during college and realized I wasn’t going to be Anna.

3. Is there any motto you follow? What’s something that you think always holds true?

I often think life shouldn’t be dictated by what happens to you, but how you react and deal with the things that happen.

4. What’s something your parents told you that turned out to be right?

Dark chocolate in moderate quantities is good for you. (I thought my dad was just trying to justify his sweet tooth).

5. Give some advice to someone 10 years younger.

Someone 10 years younger than I generally would be going into college. My advice: make friends, these will be among the closest friends you will make in your lifetime. And push yourself to take some classes in subjects you really should know more about, even if you won’t do as well in them.


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