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If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going, Any Road Will Take You There,” a Life Lesson from Don, RI

Don’s story of determination and optimistic adventure start this week off with a great lesson: you don’t always need to know what you want but when you do, go for it.

Lola’s Nugget: “Knock on doors – they usually open”

Lola’s Nugget: “Knock on doors – they usually open”

We were thrilled when this multi-talented lady –  activist, journalist, singer, political writer all wrapped in one – offered to share some nuggets of wisdom with us. Her recipe for happiness (and, we’re sure, to her success)? Be fearless, work hard, and knock on doors. We particularly loved that last nugget […]

Amanda Segur

Amanda’s Nugget: “Don’t air out your dirty laundry”

Amanda Segur’s Irish mum is her hero. We understand why: she’s fearless, practical and loving. Needless to say, the results of her rearing speak for themselves: a daughter, who believes in doing good for good’s sake, never airing out your dirty laundry, and putting on a brave face (even when […]

“Look Before You Love” a Life Lesson from Harold, Queens

Harold shares a tough lesson with us today: take it slow. As great as it is to get swept off your feet, he shares the merits of not rushing too quickly.

“Drawing a Line,” a Life Lesson from Rebecca, NYC

Rebecca tells us how she learned not to overdo it; namely, by overdoing it.

Ana’s Nugget: “Never say, “I’d never do that””

Ana’s Nugget: “Never say, “I’d never do that””

Oksana (Ana) Marafioti makes us look very very vanilla. In fact, reading her answers to our life lessons questions makes us feel like we havent really lived at all. Oksana grew up dancing in her family’s Romani (Gypsy) ensemble in Riga, Latvia when it was still part of the Soviet Union. […]

We LOVE Oliver Jeffers work -

PenTales is Everywhere – well, almost

PenTales holds live story-sharing events in 26 cities around the world – in places as diverse as Lahore, New York City, Damascus, Berlin, Paris, Hanoi, San Francisco, Mexico City, and Buenos Aires. (See below for our full list of participating cities). The events are run by friends, friends of friends, […]

Paul Lisicky’s Nugget: “Your hurts can end up taking care of you”

Paul Lisicky’s Nugget: “Your hurts can end up taking care of you”

Meet Paul Lisicky. We were so excited to have this writer share his nuggets of wisdom with us. We’re planning on following his advice (and we think you should too). Paul’s recommendations are straightforward: 1. appreciate the process; 2. let curiosity and dedication guide you; and 3. allow your hurts to heal you. What we […]

“Stay Positive” a Life Lesson from Desmond, NYC

Desmond shares the every-day secret of success and happines: it’s all about attitude.