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Allen Salkin and the Golden Shackle that is New York City

Another great performance from our storytelling event in partnership with the BMW Guggenheim Lab. This story will hit home for oh-so-many of you dear PenTales friends. Today, we invite you to watch writer Allen Salkin speak somberly about how Whole Foods is basically just an extension of Coyote Ugly and […]

Changes in self and changes in Lower East Side by Cameron

Naked dancing roommate, female stalker, diverse people. These are some of the things Cameron saw as he lived in the Lower East Side. Imagine witnessing the birth of hip hop and living among people of the arts! This is a story of not just how Lower East Side changed, but […]

“The End” by Alda Kravec, Reykjavik

“The End” by Alda Kravec, Reykjavik

topic: LOVE AND HEARTBREAK medium: TEXT as shared at a PenTales event themed “The End” She knew it was time to move on. Iceland had lost the buzz she felt in her first years there and she had lost interest. She had certainly lost interest in learning the language or […]